Gospel Tent - Message CD/DVD/MP3

You can listen to a CD of Rev. Toru Asai’s weekly service and bible study camp in your home, car, and anywhere. All the sermons of Sat@11, Wednesday Bible Studies, and Sunday Services are recorded, and the Sermon CD's are available for you to purchase.

Please contact Word Ministry at wordministry@davar.org. Sermon CD's can be purchased individually or on a weekly basis.

Bible Seminar

Summer Bible Seminar 2014 "Bold as a Lion"
Winter Bible Seminar 2013 "Holy Tempura"
Summer Bible Seminar 2013 "Self-Discovery By the Bible"
Winter Bible Seminar 2012 "The Blood og the Lamb"
Summer Bible Seminar 2012 "The Temple of the Living God"
Winter Bible Seminar 2011 "Love is..."
Summer Bible Seminar 2011 "Name Above Every Name"
Winter Bible Seminar 2010 "God's Covenant"
Summer Bible Seminar 2010 "The Holy Spirit 101 You and Me"

Sunday Sermons

The Power of Joy and Thanksgiving (October 2012 - March 2013)
How to develop your Listening Ear (April - October 2012)
Co-heirs with Christ (November - April 2012)
Another World (July - November 2011)
Reigning in Life (Feburary - July 2011)
Your Faith Works (August 2010 - January 2011)
How you can know the Will of God (April - August 2010)
Every Spiritual Blessing (January - March 2010)

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