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Straight from the Source

As a musician, I am constantly aware of sound. It is how I experience the world, the form of data most easily inputted in my brain. So on Sunday, when we went hiking, I was amazed anew at how, once you enter the forest, suddenly all the sounds from the outside world are shut out and replaced by sounds of nature, especially water. Burbling, babbling, gurgling, lapping, splashing, the sound of water fills the air with its own musical language. ....

The Invisible Friend

This past Wednesday evening, at around 9:15 pm or so, I came out of the sanctuary after finishing our weekly English Bible Study. Usually, there are still people from the Japanese Bible Study milling about the lobby, holding meetings or just having fellowship. But that night, it was oddly quiet and deserted. The English attendees were still inside the sanctuary and the Japanese people were holding a meeting on the 2nd floor. I decided to go upstairs.....

It’s a tweet! It’s an e-mail!

Before tweets, e-mails, and texts, before faxes, before airmail, telegrams, or the radio, and even long before the Pony Express, there was…pigeon post. The ancient Persians were thought to be the first to train these birds and use this method. Pigeons have a unique ability to find their way home over long distances, even from completely unfamiliar places.....

Fact or Myth?

When I was little, one of my favorite books was "Fact or Myth?" It looked at many well-known "facts" of the animal world (like, "the color red angers bulls") and either confirmed or debunked them. Turns out a lot of us need to get our Bible facts straight as well, especially when it comes to knowing the will of God......

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

On Sunday, our church went on a field trip to NASA/JPL’s once-a-year Open House. Getting off the freeway, it was amazing to see how many cars were lined up in the streets leading up to the grounds, waiting to get in. Why were so many people this fascinated and eager to learn more about the universe? I think it‘s because we hope to discover and understand our own place in the universe—.....

Who’s your Daddy?

There are many names for my dad: most people at church know him as Pastor, then there’s Mr. Asai, plain Toru, Rev. Asai, Asai Sensei (“teacher” in Japanese), Toru-kun (his mom’s way of calling him), Tigger (nickname), and of course, Dad......




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