Online Sermon FAQ’s

1) What are Online Sermons?

Through Online Sermons, you can listen to the sermons given at Davar Church. Using your home computer, you can listen to the sermons recorded from the weekly services as well as from special events. Isn’t that awesome? We are currently providing both streaming and podcast services.

2) What’s streaming?

When you click on the playback button, audio playback data will be delivered instantly to the your PC. Listen to the latest message, or browse the catalog.

3) What’s a podcast?

Podcast is a word that was coined by combining “iPod” (Apple Inc.’s portable media player) and “broadcast,” and is a series of digital media files, whose contents (mostly audio files in mp3 format) are transmitted using an RSS feed. Uh, okay, so what is it exactly? Basically, it’s a video or audio series of anything and everything, sort of like a radio or TV show. Or in our case, church services!

4) Do I need an iPod to listen to a podcast?

No. Even if you don’t own an iPod, you can still listen to a podcast on your computer using iTunes. But you do need to install the necessary software (Apple Inc.’s iTunes) so your PC will accept the podcasts.

5) Ok, so how do I install iTunes onto my computer?

If you go to Apple Inc.’s homepage, you can download iTunes for free. Please follow this link and click on “download iTunes now.” You can install this software immediately on your computer. Follow the instructions and once installation is complete, open the iTunes application on your computer. Then go to the iTunes Store! Enter keyword “Davar Kingdom of God” in the search box and click on “subscribe.” Select the title of the sermon you wish to listen to, and you’re all set!

6) If I subscribe, will the sermons be automatically sent to me every week?

You bet! Once you subscribe and open the iTunes application, the latest Davar sermon will be automatically delivered to your PC. If for some reason, you find that it hasn’t been automatically updated, just click on the “update” button. The most recent Davar sermon will then be downloaded onto your PC.

7) Are the podcasts free?

Online Sermons (both podcasts and streaming) is a service provided for free, but if you feel that you’ve been blessed through this service, won’t you consider making a freewill donation? Our streaming and podcasts depend solely on the generosity of listeners like you. We ask that any donations be made via PayPal or money order. God bless! To donate, please click here.

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