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Sep 04, 2016                “God's Miniature" No.5
                                    James 1:18ff., John 8:31-47, Jer 31:31ff., etc.
Aug 28, 2016                “God's Miniature" No.4
                                    John 8:31-47, Ps 82, James 1:16ff., etc.
Aug 21, 2016                “God's Miniature" No.3
                                    John 10:22ff., Ps 82, etc.
July 31, 2016                “God's Miniature" No.2
                                    Gen 1-2, Ezek 20, etc.
July 24, 2016                “God's Miniature" No.1
                                    Eph 5:1-12, John 5:17, Gen 1-2, etc.

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