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Where are you located?

We are located on E. Howard St. in Pasadena, CA, on the east side of the William Carey University campus. We worship in a renovated classroom on the second floor of Zwemer Hall. To see a map or to get directions, click here.

Where do I park?

On Saturdays, the Mott parking lot, accessible from E. Howard St. is closest. Although there is a sign that says permits are required, this is not applicable on Saturdays so feel free to park here. On Wednesdays and Sundays, please park in the Townsend Hall Parking (to the northwest of Zwemer Hall) as the Mott parking lot gate is locked by early evening. The entrance to this lot is marked "JUDSON" and accessed from Elizabeth St.

Where do I go?

There are signs placed both on E. Howard St. and Elizabeth St. to guide the way. Banners with our church name are also hung outside the sanctuary building. Ushers and greeters at the entrances will direct you to where you need to go.

Is the church handicap accessible?

Yes. There is plenty of reserved parking near the building, and there is a ramp (closer from the Townsend / Judson parking lot) that leads directly to the 2nd floor, where the sanctuary is located.

Do you provide carpool services?

Yes! Please give us a email to if you need a ride to church. The nearest Metro station is Allen on the Gold Line. Our shuttle service is available to pick you up at the station 15 minutes prior to each service (8:45 am and 11:00 am) and to drop you off at 2:30 pm on Sundays.

The Service

Who attends?

Anyone! If you are interested in God, in studying the Bible, or just want some answers, you are welcome to attend any of our services. We have people of all ages, young and old, single and married, with and without children, and of various races.

How should I dress?

Visitors are free to come as you are. For Sunday services, members usually wear nicer clothes, but for Wednesday Bible Studies and Saturday@1, everyone wears casual dress (jeans, T-shirts, etc.).

How long is the service and how is it structured?

Sunday services last approximately 2 hours: the music portion takes up about 35 minutes and the sermon, about 65 minutes. The rest is taken up by prayer, announcements, etc. Offering takes place at every service (including Wed. and Sun.) and is entirely non-compulsory.

In what languages are the services given?

Sunday Services and Wednesday Bible Studies are given separately in Japanese and English. Saturday@1 is a joint service, and usually preached in Japanese. However, translation into English is available so please pick up a transceiver before the service at the audio booth in the back of the sanctuary.

How often do you hold Communion?

We celebrate Communion the first Sunday Service of every month.

What is the music like?

What is the music like?

We have contemporary praise and worship (similar to churches like Hillsong) in which the congregation joins the band in praising God with one voice. We believe in the praying of tongues as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, but each person is encouraged to pray in any manner in which he or she feels comfortable.


What do I do with my baby?

You can have your baby in service with you at the back of the sanctuary.

Where do my children go?

The children join the adults during the praising portions, but have their own Sunday School during the sermons. Bible stories are taught, combined with fun crafts and activities.

What about my teenagers?

We have a separate Sunday School for teenagers, with a focus on studying the Bible. If they prefer, they can also attend the adult service.

After the Service

Is food served?

Lunch meals, featuring an international cuisine, are made from scratch and served after both the Japanese and English services on Sunday. Refreshments are provided on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Are sermons available for purchase?

Yes, all sermons are recorded and CD's are available for purchase every week. Please fill out the Sermon CD Request Form by 1:30 pm on Sunday to receive your CD on the same day. CD's are $5.50 each. Sermons are also being broadcast free through online streaming and podcasts on this website!

Can I get counseling for my problems?

If you wish to have private counseling with our Pastor or Pastor's wife, please talk to one of our ushers to schedule an appointment.


Is it a student church?

We are not a student church, but our pastor has had extensive experience teaching at theological schools and has a scholarly approach toward teaching the Bible, so Bible students and non-students alike will find plenty of things to learn!

What are the differences between the three weekly services? Which one should I attend?

The Sunday service is our main service, and we strongly urge you to attend this service if you are visiting for the first time, or can attend only one service per week. The sermons are given in series, with topics changing once every 2 months or so. Wednesday Bible Study is a shorter service (about an hour and half) and focuses on a verse-by-verse, in-depth study of a selected book from the Bible, such as Exodus, 1 Kings, etc. Saturday@1 is also more like a bible study, and is based on working out the questions from the sermon worksheets distributed the week before. Congregation members are also given a chance to explain what they've learned.

How can I get connected in small groups?

We have small home worship groups that get together on regular days of the week, throughout L.A. and Orange County. They are divided according to age, gender and region. You can be sure to find a group that suits your needs and interests!

Do you pray in tongues?

Yes. We are a charismatic church so we do pray in tongues at every service, but we also have people who do not pray in tongues. We believe that God listens to the prayer of a righteous person, regardless of how he/she prays.

Do you do water baptisms?

Yes. Water baptism generally takes place during the Summer Bible Seminar.

What about the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

The baptism of the Holy Spirit and the praying of tongues often occurs of its own accord during the Summer and Winter Bible Seminars, as well as throughout the year, whenever the person is ready and God is working!

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